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Stay away from Marcelo Monteverde – if you don’t want to get hooked on polo!

Meeting Marcelo Monteverde changed my life completely.  Marcelo has been recommended to me as “the teacher” for polo and I met him for the first time in October 2005. I had only some basic riding skills, after taking riding lessons for a couple of years with my horse-crazy daughter KOKO who got me into horses in the first place. All I knew about Polo then, was that it has something do to with a little ball and a long stick.

Marcelo’s way of teaching is as unique as it is simple. He has the gift of adopting your personal sport experience to the game of polo in an easy and understandable way. No matter whether you are a skier, golfer, hockey or tennis player, or a gymnast like myself – Marcelo will use your personal strengths and attitudes to turn them into your asset to become a better polo player.

After every week spent with Marcelo, I could see myself improving and gaining a better understanding and feeling of the game. I am only sorry that I started so late in my life to play polo, however I am so happy to have found a sport that gives me so much pleasure and excitement, in which I can compete and make a contribution to my team thanks to Marcelo.

Even outside the polo, Marcelo and his family have been wonderful in introducing us to the Argentine way of life, always making us feel welcome and part of the family. Thank you Marcelo, Ximena, Juan, Serafin, Felipe and Santino


– By Robert Kofler


Alex Desbarres memories

I visited El Rincon in 1997 – I was 18 – and again a couple of years later. I went there alone, with my brother and with my family. We spent several weeks with Marcelo and family in Argentina. It just doesn’t get any better. The polo was world class (really), the people so very warm… I think it’s the best Argentina has to offer. Few experiences have captivated my heart, touched my soul and shaped my life the way my time with the Monteverde’s did… The place, the memories and the people are extremely dear to me and my family. In time, I will go back.

Nick Wiles opinion


Marcelo is a fantastic coach and instructor, he has a great understanding of the game and have to achieve the most with each individual player. His eye for detail ensures improvement in technique and understanding of the game. The time spent here is well structured and organized. You are matched to specific horses, your objectives for your stay are well understood. This experience is for someone who is serious about polo and wants to immerse himself in the sport for a period.

James Beim experience


My Experience at El Rincon

I visited Rincon when I was 17 and just starting in polo. It was a really memorable and enjoyable experience. I learnt a lot from Marcelo, which has helped me throughout my career, he is and expert in riding and taught me the importance of having a good seat from an early age. He has a wealth of knowledge and widely respected.

Coupled with this it is also a very authentic Argentine Campo experience surrounded by good players and great people. I would recommend spending time at El Rincon for players of all ages.